Sunday, December 27, 2009

Foundation Routine | MAC Face & Body

Even tho I live in a warm and sunny country, my complexion has been getting quite light as of late. My MAC Studio Fix Fluid and Studio Sculpt (both in NC30) are too dark and orange for my complexion and I had to find a new solution.

I have been considering buying SFF in NC25 and probably will at one point, but for now I found a solution that works well and gives me great coverage and a pretty flawless finish.

As you might remember, I bought MAC's face and body foundation in C2 some time in summer.

C2 was too light for me during my tan summer months, but works really well in winter.
It blends into my skin effortlessly.

So these are the steps I am following:

1. Cleanse and moisturize skin - I let the moisturizer sink into skin for a good 5 minutes.
2. Apply 1st layer of the face & body foundation, let it dry for a few minutes. This is a very liquid foundation and it needs to dry before you can apply the 2nd layer. I found that warming the product in my hands and applying it with my fingers works best.
3. Apply 2nd layer of foundation on cheeks, as this is were I tend to get quite rosy. I then let it dry for a few minutes.
- On some days, I apply MAC's Select Cover-Up in NW20 to conceal my dark under eye circles. This is optional however and I often skip this step, especially when I get enough sleep. :)
4. Setting my foundation with Maybelline's Dream Matte Powder in 03 Golden Beige: I swirl my MAC 182 Kabuki into the powder and apply the product onto my skin. I find that this powder takes away the dewyness of the face & body and mattifies my face, leaving it flawless. I simply love it.
5. Last but not least, I apply my favourite blush and sometimes add Vanilla pigment on my cheek bones for an added highlight.

This is what it looks like:

Let me know what you think!


Friday, December 25, 2009

MAC/Smashbox shopping spree

Hi Everyone,

I know it has been a looong time! For those who are celebrating Christmas: Merry Christmas!

Here are some pictures of my purchases from the last month or so.Let me know if you want to see swatches/reviews or have any questions!

1st shopping spree resulted in this:

Fun in the Sun Kit (181 SE, Nuance blush, play on plums eyeshadow duo, shimpagne)
Blot Powder in Medium Dark
Rebel l/s (back-2-MAC)
Vanilla Pigment
Omega Eyeshadow
Engraved Powerpoint eye pencil
Pink Swoon Blush
226 Brush

and the rest of my purchases:

(aforementioned 226 Brush)
Angel l/s
Feline Kohl Power eye pencil
Mineralize Blush in Superdupernatural
Smachbox Pout lipgloss
Smashbox Pout lipstick

And here a close up of the mineralize products:

superdupernatural - play on plums - nuance - shimpagne

And a closer look to my new pink lip products:


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Project: Shop your Stash - week 2

This past week was pretty low-key in regards to make-up. I opted for little to no make-up most of the days.

These were the items that I used on the days that I wore make-up:
Monistat "Primer" - let's just call it that. I used this every day I was wearing make-up. It does help my foundation adhere better and last longer.
Bobbi Brown Corrector in Peach - I will be reviewing this in a few weeks, once I use it a little more. But so far I have to say, I like it. And that is quite a surprise, because initially I didn't like it at all!
Barry M Natural Dazzle - I use this as a blush. It's gorgeous for a natural day look.
MAC Love thing Mineralize Blush. ♥
NYX Black Bean - I used it on top of a base and the added Smashboxes Starlit (e/s) on top. Gorgeous taupy look.

Smashbox Splendid (e/s) - the light peach with shimmer has become my go-to colour that I wear when I go to work.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC30 - for those days I needed a little extra help. :)

Here's a picture:

Please note, that I am not mentioning the products that I use all the time, such as Mineralize Skinfinishes, Mascara or TFSI to name a few, as those I generally always use.


MAC Haul Oct/Nov

Hello ladies,

There have been several small hauls in the last 4 weeks.

Here's a picture of the items I got.

And another picture with the goodies out of the packaging:

• Brush Cleanser
• Studio Fix Powder Plus NC25
• Blush Palette
• Style Blush
• Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Medium Plus
• Copperplate eyeshadow
• Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask
• 182 Brush

A better picture of the foundations, style blush and copperplate eyeshadow, so you can see the shades better:

Pics of the 182 Kabuki, because the previous ones were not doing it justice at all:

Please let me know if you would like a review or a swatch!


Saturday, November 7, 2009

project: shop your stash!

Long time, no post.

I do apologize for the lack of posts. But here I am and I do promise some posts to make up for my being mia.

In an effort to show some appreciation to items in my collection that do not get enough attention, I decided to start project: shop your stash. (well, my stash)

Don't we know all too well what it's like to forget items that you have or that you bought and never got into for one reason or another.

This is a way to give these long lost, long forgotten items another chance. And heck, if it keeps me from buying new products, even better.

This week, I have been using these following items almost every day:

MAC Studio Sculpt SPF15 Foundation in N30
Everyday Minerals pressed powder blush in best friends
Artdeco Eyeshadow base
Smashbox Spendlid eyeshadow duo

Do you have items that you don't use? Give them a chance and post about it.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

MAC DSquared Haul

Hello to all my followers and fellow bloggers,

I was really waiting for this collection to be released and was so happy when it was finally released here.
As I have crazy dental and passport renewal costs this month, I tried to keep my shopping spree to a basic minimum.

When I initially went, I only got the Sculpt & Shape in Accentuate Sculpt. I was however also eying the Bone Beige Emphasize one, as well as the Nude Rose l/s. But I was strong. Picked up the one item and left. Yes. I went home. I went home for 30 minutes, did further "research" and went back to pick up the two other items! :)

I know you can hardly tell the difference between the two sculpt & shapes. There are plenty tho.

Bone Beige Emphasize includes an off white highlight shade with a subtle sheen and a matte light warm brown with red undertones as a contour colour. This will be perfect for me during the paler winter months.

Accentuate Sculpt however is darker in colour and therefor more suitable for my tanned summer months. The highlight is a peachy beige colour and the contour has more of a greyish taupish undertone.

Both of these can be easily used for a simple eye make-up look.

Nude Rose is a very sheer, light pink lustre. I am kind of disappointed by its lack of pigmentation. But it is a gorgeous colour.

All in all, I am really happy with my purchase! I might go back next month to see if they have anything left of the Style Black collection.

Which items did you pick up?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

NOTD - You don't know Jacques!

My 1st OPI arrived today and I had to try it out straight away.
The verdict: 2 coats, dried fairly fast and I love the dirty taupe colour! Obviously.

Which other OPI colours can you recommend?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tag: youtube love

My current top 10 favorite youtube guru subscriptions in no particular order:

• michele1218:

• Kandee:

• ParkSoonYi (needs to make more videos)

• Lola (liking her channel so far)




• I miss her videos:



and because I can't just stick to 10:

And some other channels I really enjoy watching:

I tag everyone who would like to do this tag!


A very simple FOTD from a few nights ago:

MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC30
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium
MAC Mineralize Blush in Love Thing

Two Faced Shadow Insurance
Artdeco Eyeshadow Base
MAC Sweet Sienna Pigment
MAC Brule as a highlight
Clinique High Impact Mascara

MAC Pink Fish

Friday, October 9, 2009

collective shopping spree incl. clinique, mac & smashbox

Hello lovelies,

I finally have some time to blog!!!

I got some vouchers from work as a holiday gift and went shopping. crazy shopping. Here's what I got:

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion
Lancome Bi Facil eye make up remover
Clinique Liquid Facial Soap mild
Clinique Clarifying Lotion 2
Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel
Smashbox Crease Brush no 10
Smashbox Limitless Long Wear Lip Gloss SPF 15 in Nonstop

and a close up of the Smashbox Lipgloss and Crease brush no 10

And got a ton of freebies, too (ps freebies make me happy!!!):

Then the random drugstore stuff I got:

• Johnson's Softly Foaming Facial Wash
• Perfect Chic Nailpolish in no 44
• Weleda (Baby) Calendula Moisturizing Facial Cream
• Maybelline Volum' Express Mascara in black
• L'Oreal Super Liner Carbon Gloss
• Dream Mat(te) Powder in Golden Beige

And last but definitely not least, some MAC goodies:

• MAC Coygirl
• MAC Snob (I back-2-MACed)
• MAC Cork

Please let me know if you would like me to review or swatch anything :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

MAC taupes

Hello my dear followers and fellow bloggers,

I thought I'd post a comparison swatch between my three favorite MAC taupes for those of you who are considering buying the Sweet Sienna Pigment.

Now, Sweet Sienna is a limited edition item and unless you live near a CCO and manage to get a good deal on this beautiful pigment, the only other option you will have is to order from ebay.

The pigment costs about 30 USD on ebay. Quite pricey, but if you are a taupe lover like myself, you will most probably be willing to pay that amount to get your hands on this beautiful pigment.

I swatched Sweet Sienna next to two other taupe eyeshadows that I have.
(Swatched on the inner side of my underarm, probably an NC20 - primed with TFSI)

As you can tell Sweet Sienna seems to be the coolest toned out of these three. In the pot it appeared to be a mix of the two shades. But applied on my arm it was even cooler than Smoke & Diamonds. It also has more shimmer to it than the other two shadows and seemed to be a lot deeper and more pigmented.

Smoke & Diamonds is another Limited Edition eyeshadow from the Love that Look & last year's Starflash collection. It is a cool toned taupe, however it does have a slight golden sheen to it. This Starflash eyeshadow applies like butter.

Satin Taupe is the warmest out of the bunch with a strong plummy undertone. It is a permanent eyeshadow and a must-have shadow in anybody's collection (IMHO :) ).

So what's the verdict?

Overall I think Sweet Sienna is a very unique pigment and definetely worth getting if you are majorly into taupes.

Hope this helped.

MAC goodies (ebay & in store)

Remember that guilt ridden post of mine regarding my make-up spending habit?

Well, these are the items I bought recently and that caused me to feel guilty:

MAC Face & Body Foundation in C2 ♠
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium ○
MAC Moisturecover NW25
MAC Select Cover up NW20 ○
MAC Well Dressed blush ♠
MAC Photorealism quad *
MAC Rated "R" eyeshadow *
MAC Strike a Pose eyeshadow *
MAC Sweet Sienna pigment *
Graphic Garden Brush Set "Shape & Perfect" ♠

The items marked with a ♠ were bought in store.

Ebay sellers I bought from and that I can highly recommend:
I was looking through threads on Specktra for good ebay sellers after my disaster with ACW. I ordered the majority of my things from this seller. She gift wrapped my goodies (so sweet, right?!!) and even offered to get some products from MAC Pro for me. I highly recommend her, she's sweet, the items are all authentic MAC products and the shipping was quite fast! All items with a * were purchased from her!
Again, another recommendation from Specktra. She's another great authentic MAC seller on ebay. I bought two items from her. The communication was great, the items arrived fast! I bought the items marked with a ○ from her!

Here's a picture of the face products:

Close ups of the eyeshadows & pigment:

Sweet Sienna - Limited Edition Taupy Pigment!

Photorealism from the Make-up Art Cosmetics Collection.

The two Starflash Shadows from the Love that Look collection. These were sold out at my local MAC.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

MAC Chat - Face & Body foundation, Blot Powder, MSF & Back-2-MAC

Chat InformationWelcome to MAC Cosmetics Online. Your personal Makeup Artist will be with you shortly.
Chat InformationHello. Thank you for your interest in MAC Cosmetics. My name is Barbara. How may I assist you?
Maya: hi
Maya: I have a question regarding the face & body foundation
Barbara: Hi Maya.
Maya: I am in between shades in Studio Fix fluid, probably an NC27.
Maya: nc30 being too orange, as I am lighter and more olive toned. which colour would be suitable in the face & body foundation?
Barbara: I recommend shade C3 for you. Since it is a sheer formula, it will blend perfectly for your needs.
Maya: and what can I set it with?
Barbara: MAC Blot Powder is ideal to set it with. It is a light, translucent powder that doesn't give added colour or coverage to the skin.
Maya: which shade would you recommend?
Barbara: I recommend the Medium shade for you.
Maya: great. how about mac mineralized skinfinish natural? which shade would be good in that?
Barbara: Your ideal shade would be Light Medium.
Maya: thanks. one last question regarding back 2 mac
Maya: when i return 6 items to the store in my town which product can i get in return? is it only lipsticks or also lipglosses and eyeshadows?
Barbara: Our Back-to-MAC recycling program allows you to return 6 empty MAC containers in exchange for a lipstick of your choice excluding Viva Glam shades. You can do this at all MAC locations.
Barbara: At MAC freestanding locations (not at department store MAC counters), you can choose from either a lipstick (no Viva Glam shades) eye shadow or gloss if you give your complete email/address information for their customer system.
Maya: that's great news. when I asked the mua she said they would only give out lipsticks
Maya: can a store just make up their own policy regarding the back 2 mac program?
Barbara: We have a standard policy however, they can work on a case by case basis if they feel it is necessary.
Barbara: Actually Maya,
Barbara: I see you are an international customer.
Maya: yes
Barbara: So, the policy may be different in your country.
Barbara: The information I have given you is for North America only.
Barbara: Perhaps it is a lipstick only in your country.
Maya: Ok, I see. How can I find out for sure?
Barbara: Speak with your local MAC counter to confirm.
Maya: ok great
Maya: thanks a lot for your help, Barbara.
Maya: have a nice day
Barbara: You are very welcome.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Final disappointing Allcosmetics wholesale update - please read!

As you all know, I ordered some items from

( check these posts out about the story:

Basically, they shipped me a wrong product and I asked for the correct product to be sent to me. They (I won't name the woman) refused to send it without me sending the item they sent incorrectly back first. Upon receipt I was told I would get the shipping costs (almost 5 USD) refunded. I then asked her if she could just add a pigment sample instead (which would have been 3 USD). I was told it wouldn't be a problem.

Anyway, so I received the package. No pigment. I then sent her an email 8 days ago asking to refund the shipping charges to my Bank Card. I mean after all it was their fault that I was sent a wrong item. Unfortunately, she never replied and the money hasn't been put back to my card either.

On another note, the Monarch or Reign Palette by Smashbox that I ordered from them reeks. I don't even want to use it out of fear that it will cause my skin to break out.

I can't tell you, how very disappointed I am by them. I really regret ordering from them.
It took me 7 weeks to get the correct item! Plus I had to pay for the shipping and I don't have to tell you how much it sucks to be ignored!!!

Needless to say, this was the 1st and last time I ordered from!!!

I can't recommend them to anyone for these reasons:

1. Customer Service is absolutely ridiculous.
2. You never know if you will be sent the correct item
3. The items they sent are of lower quality (not packaged, stinky, etc)
4. Several girls on Specktra claim that they were sent fake MAC items. Now, I don't know if that part is true, since mine seem to be authentic. If I would have done more research prior to ordering from them, I probably wouldn't have ordered from them to begin with.

I also want to note here that I have placed several orders from different online companies from overseas and nothing has ever gone wrong.

This is just a real pity coz just lost a customer.

If you need reliable sources to order MAC from, please let me know I can give you names of some really amazing sellers on ebay.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


I have been tagged by the lovely Shifa from Get Gawjus ( ) to do this tag post! Please go check her out! She's got beautiful EOTD's and great reviews!
I tag anyone who wants to do this Tag!
Please do keep in mind that I hardly wear make-up every day anymore, due to lack of time in the mornings!!!

Shampoo: I recently got Pantene Pro V for Dry and Damaged hair - not sure if I like it

Conditioner: L'oreal Elvive conditioner "anti breakage" & Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor (I love this stuff! It has been my HG hair product for years and I always have someone bring back a few bottles from England)

Styling products: Sebastian Xtah Clay - amazing stuff. I have had this for almost 10 years. You would think it's gone bad by now, but it hasn't!! It's basically clay that you work into your hair. I love the volume it gives me. Apparently it's been discontinued but you can still get it.

Shower Gel: Milk & Honey by either Palmolive or local brands - after all I am in the land of Milk & Honey

Body moisturiser: I use either Balea moisturizers (German cheapie brand - amazing stuff tho) or The Body Shop's Body Butter in Brazil Nut

Face moisturiser: Dr. Fisher's Oil Free Moisturizer (only few times a week) & MAC Moisturelush eye cream for under the eyes and around the mouth (once - twice a day)

Deodorant: My boyfriend's Rightguard - actually now it's mine.

Fake Tan: I have something by Dr. Fisher which doesn't seem to be working (only used it once) - plus I don't really need it anyway.

Cleanser: Oil Free Cleanser by Dr. Fischer

Exfoliator: Queen Helene's Cocoa Butter Natural Facial Scrub

Primer: None - Monistat Anti Chafing gel when I can be bothered

Foundation: MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC30 or Everyday Minerals Sweet Olive, Light Olive, Buttered Tan or Golden Medium

Foundation brush: MAC 187 or EDM Long Handled Kabuki

Concealer: I only need undereye concealer and these are the ones I currently use: MAC Select Moisturecover in NW25 (Yes, it finally came) or MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NW20. In EDM I like Peach or Abbot's Perk me up

Powder: Everyday Minerals Sweet Olive, Light Olive, Buttered Tan or Golden Medium

Blusher: MAC's Dainty or Love thing or Barry M's Natural Dazzle

Bronzer: I don't use Bronzer

Highlighter: Everyday Minerals Pearl Beige (very rarely)

Eyeshadow base: Two Faced Shadow Insurance, Artdeco's Eyeshadow Base or I just go over my eyelids with MAC's Studio Fix Fluid and set it with powder

Eyeshadows: MAC's Brule, Shroom, Satin Taupe, Buckwheat or Style Snob. Everyday Minerals Shadow in Oasis.

Eyeliner: Maybelline Liquid Eyeliner, MAC Blacktrack Fluidline

Curler: none

Mascara: L'oreal Voluminous

Lipstick: MAC Blankety

Lipgloss: MAC Lychee Luxe, Venetian and Underage. MAC's tinted lip conditioner in Pink Fish. Carmex.

Nail Colour: none at the moment!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

the flipside - thoughts on our love for make-up

Hi my lovely followers.

This will be a more serious blog post about the flip side of our love for make up and pretty things and it was triggered by yet another online purchase of mine. (Keep in mind please, that I am not a professional, nor a freelance make-up artist.)

As you can probably tell I am feeling slightly guilty about my online spending and rightfully so.
In the past 2 days I have ordered quite a few things, that I don't really need, but that I really wanted.

But you know how it is, once you want something, you will convince yourself, that you do need it. Hey, we all "need" that shade of green eye shadow even though it is almost identical to another green eyeshadow that we have. It is different tho, right? The texture is better, the undertone is different, it's matte, it's satiny, it's frosty. Bottom line is: We want it. And I will keep convincing myself that I need it until I get my hands on it. And then I will move on to my next item of obsession and wanting.

I think, and I am speaking for myself only, my love for make-up is turning more and more into a shopping addiction. And it scares me, yet I can't seem to stop myself.

Let's take a look at my feelings during the last purchase: I knew it was unwise to purchase those items, I started feeling that rush through my blood with a slight feeling of excitement and...guilt. However, that greedy little voice in my head was telling me to push the button "confirm payment" already. It was telling me to ignore all those feelings of guilt and really common sense!

It's gotten to the point where I start hiding the fact that I made yet another unnecessary purchase from my loving boyfriend, because I know he'd be disappointed in me.
What happened to all my promises to myself that I was going to spend my hard earned money more carefully? Yes, what did happen to them?
I need to save up to go back to University and we're planning on leaving the country. We need the money. But that little greedy voice in my head kept telling me how I needed 10 more eye shadows and 2 more blushes.

And even now, with all my realizations I am still trying to trick myself into buying two more liners (hey LE, right? We must get our hands on them, before they're gone...), and a Mineralized skinfinish and two more eyeshadow refill pans so my palette is full and then, yes, then I will go on a no-buy. Right.

Needless to say the beauty and make-up brands know exactly what they're doing. Clever marketing. MAC in particular keeps coming out with a gazillion collections each month. And it poses a real danger for those of us who really need to watch their spending.
And as much as I love the beauty community online - it doesn't make resisting any easier. Yes, I do admit, it is wonderful to meet so many like-minded people. But watching youtube haul videos and reading reviews about that new green eyeshadow from the new xyz collection doesn't help. I am not blaming anyone but myself here, just want to make that clear.

I am just really frustrated by my own lack of diszipline.

How do you girls feel about this topic?
Do you feel you spend too much on make-up and beauty products? Is it getting out of hand? And what about all the time you spend on it?

Let's get the discussion rollin'...

Monday, August 17, 2009

I have been tagged! ♥

I finally have the time to do a tag post!

I was tagged by the lovely Michelle. If you don't know her blog yet, please check it out:

Here are the rules:

1. Open your first photo folder.
2. Scroll down to the tenth photo.
3. Post that photo on your blog and tell us the story behind it...
4. Tag 5 or more (or less) other people to do the same!

That's a pic of my baby and me. :) We were riding in my friend's car (in the back seat) on a hot Saturday in June.

I tag:
Carlinn -
Sara -
Chrissy -

And anyone else, who would like to do this tag post!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Starflash eye shadows - swatches & initial review

As promised a swatch and initial review post!

A little about Starflash eye shadows:

• Limited Edition
• buttery smooth and "fluffy"
• blend like a dream
• little fallout
• slightly shimmery

Smoke & Diamonds:

This eye shadow is a repromote from last years Starflash collection. It is a shimmery, smooth taupe colour that has more of a silvery grayish undertones than a brown one. It is a cool tone and I haven't been able to make this one work yet. I really do love the colour, but I have the suspicion that it works better with cool toned ladies.
For those who can make this eyeshadow work for them, I can see it working as an all over lid colour with Carbon or Print in the outer V and crease area. Maybe it can also be used as a crease colour with a cooler beige shadow.

Style Snob:

This shadow is one of the new ones that were released this year. It is a simmery taupe colour with a significant peach undertone. This eyeshadow can be easily paired with other warm browns, warm purples and beiges with a warm undertone, such as All that Glitters. Or just worn by itself as a wash on the lid. Out of the three eye shadows that I got, I really love this one and almost wear it every day!

Fashion Groupie:

This eyeshadow is my first purple MAC shadow and I love it. It's a mid-tone purple and would go well either in the outer V and crease area or as an all over lid colour. I think this shade of purple would suit warm as well as cool skin tones. It is vibrant and lively.

Which other ones was I lusting after, but was too late to get my hands on at my local MAC?
Rated-R & Strike a Pose! Such a bummer. I swatched these two in store, but they were already sold out. I might have to call some other MAC stores to see who still has some left.

What do you think of the Starflash eyeshadows?

MAC shopping spree

Hello my dear readers!

It's been a while. And I have been doing some major shopping this past week.

These are the things that I got:

From the Love that Look collection I got these lovely eyeshadows:

• Smoke & Diamonds (depotted)
• Style Snob
• Fashion Groupie

• Carbon & Brule in Pan Format

• Moisturelush eye cream

• Studio Fix Fluid NC30 & pump

• Dainty Mineralize Blush

(pump not in the picture)

Swatches & reviews to follow...

Have you gotten any of the Starflash eyeshadows?

Saturday, August 8, 2009

A big thank you to all my lovely followers!! :)

Hello my dear followers and fellow bloggers!

Wow, I can't believe my blog has 102 followers. That is so exciting! From the day I started I was excited about every new follower. I hope you guys enjoy my blog!

This is basically just a big "Thank you" for following my blog! I know, that I neglect it sometimes and I hope that I will find more time to blog, review products, post FOTDs/EOTDs again soon. My new job has been quite demanding and exhausts me like no other!

Please tell me if you would like me to review or post pictures of particular items! And those of you who have't said "hi" yet, don't be shy!


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Allcosmetics wholesale update

As you might remember from my previous post, I was shipped a wrong product by ACW.
I contacted them and didn't hear back from them for 3 days. Only after I sent them an email again, did I get a reply. So this is what the outcome is: They want me to ship the item back, upon receipt they will refund the shipping costs and send me the correct product. Fair enough.
But this will mean, I will have to wait another month till I get the product. And from the time I ordered it will have been almost 2 months for me to get the product I ordered.
I am quite frustrated.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

MAC & Smashbox haul (incl. Reign Palette)

Here's my latest haul & and initial review:

with flash:

without flash:

with flash:

Eyeshadows from top to bottom with an initial review below. I am also including the prices from ACW here.

* MAC Magnetic Fields - dark neutral brown with some glitter LE Neo-Sci Fi: I love the shade and the packaging - $19.99

* Smashbox Reign Palette: 3 Shimmer Shades swatched. The palette will be released this fall &
comes with 6 eyeshadows: 3 shimmery shades and 3 matte shades: 1 shimmery champagne coloured eye shadow & 1 matte beige eye shadow, a shimmery copper & matte medium brown - shimmery taupe brown & matte dark brown:
First impression: I have to say I love the shimmery shades, the shadows are extremely well pigmented and swatched easily! The texture is velvety soft without any fallout. However their matte counterparts are a big disappointment. Except for the dark brown shade, they don't seem to have any pigmentation. It wasn't even worth trying to take a picture of. - $16.99

* Smashbox Starlit : Is a taupy brown with a purpleish undertone. It's a beautiful shimmery shadow with good pigmentation - $6.49

* Smashbox Eyeshadow Duo in Splendid - warm medium brown & light pink. They're both slightly shimmery . Kinda reminds me of MAC's veluxe pearl texture. $4.99

Another swatch of Splendid, because you couldn't see the light pink in the previous picture.

Overall I am quite impressed with Smashbox's eyeshadows! Which ones do you own? Which ones can you recommend?

allcosmetics wholesale rant

Hi my lovely ladies!

As you all know, I ordered some goodies from For those who don't know them, they're basically a like a CCO (cosmetics company outlet). You can find LE items and products of permanent lines there for a discounted price. Smashbox, Stila, Mac, etc. And the greatest thing is that they ship internationally.

Now, this was the 1st time I ordered from them. The big envelope arrived in less than two weeks. Pretty good - I mean less than two weeks from Washington State to the Middle East - not bad at all!

All the products are in good shape.

Now, here's where the frustation begins:
1. The Smashbox reign palette came without packaging but it was wrapped well - so I shall not make a big deal out of it. But it smells like gross plastic nastyness.
2. No receipt!!! What the...? Am I not supposed to get a receipt? Shady, if you ask me!
3. They sent me a wrong product!!!! I ordered the MAC Moisturecover concealer in NW25 (13.99 USD) and got the MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NW25 (9.99 USD). THIS is the worst part of course. I have no use for the Studio Finish Concealer. I ordered the MAC Moisturecover concealer and paid for it. I am upset.

So this morning I emailed them, asking them to send the item I ordered, Now, I know I should see what happens first. But, it is obvious if they don't send me the right product or refund me or pay for the shipping back of the wrong product to replace it with the new product, I won't be able to recommend them to anyone and obviously won't order from them again.

End of rant!

Pictures of the haul will be posted once I have calmed down.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

all cosmetics wholesale

Hi all,

have any of you wonderful ladies and gents ordered from this website internationally?

If so, how long did it take for your goodies to arrive?

It's been 14 days since the parcel has been shipped, but it hasn't arrived yet and I am kinda getting worried. I also didn't insure it, so if it gets lost....70 usd will evaporate without anything to show but a heartboken MACaholic.

From my Everyday Minerals & ebay experience it usually doesn't take more than 14 days for stuff to be shipped here from the states.

Does it make much of a difference if the company is located on the east coast or west coast? They are located in Port Orchard, that why it could be taking longer than usual?

Oh, I hope the parcel didn't get lost...or stolen. :(

Thursday, July 16, 2009

new in | MAC & more

It's been a long time again, but I've been so busy with work, that whenever I am home, I just am too tired to do anything. Unfortunately, I get too tired to update this blog, too.

But other than work, I went to MAC quite a few times.

These are the things that I got on my 1st trip a week ago!

Smut eyeshadow

Buckwheat eyeshadow from the Naked Honey Collection

And here a picture of both eyeshadows - taken with flash.

Smut is a gorgeous dark greyish brownish colour with a purple sheen to it.
Buckwheat is a rich brown with golden sparkle to it.

I then depotted these eyeshadows and backed-to-MAC some stuff and received a lipstick. I was a little upset to be honest, because even though our MAC is a freestanding store, I was only allowed to pick a lipstick. Really sucked, actually - since I am not really into lipsticks.

The one lipstick that I wanted to try tho was Blankety, so I picked it.

The picture doesn't do the colour justice. It's a light brownish beige. A Beautiful nude without obvious pink or peach undertones.

Last, but not least, I made yet another trip (3 all together in one week) to see the Color Craft Collection and was not impressed at all. I was gonna get Color Crafted and Improvised, but passed on those and chose Lychee Luxe Lipglass instead, as I was looking for a nice corally lip gloss.

And these are the items that my bf brought back from London. I passed on Gosh and Barry M, as I will be going to London in Fall (fingers crossed) and would rather pick the things in person.

Bobbi Brown Color Corrector in Peach

And my HG Hair treatment: Aussie's 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor

Hope you've all been doing well.

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