Tuesday, September 15, 2009

MAC taupes

Hello my dear followers and fellow bloggers,

I thought I'd post a comparison swatch between my three favorite MAC taupes for those of you who are considering buying the Sweet Sienna Pigment.

Now, Sweet Sienna is a limited edition item and unless you live near a CCO and manage to get a good deal on this beautiful pigment, the only other option you will have is to order from ebay.

The pigment costs about 30 USD on ebay. Quite pricey, but if you are a taupe lover like myself, you will most probably be willing to pay that amount to get your hands on this beautiful pigment.

I swatched Sweet Sienna next to two other taupe eyeshadows that I have.
(Swatched on the inner side of my underarm, probably an NC20 - primed with TFSI)

As you can tell Sweet Sienna seems to be the coolest toned out of these three. In the pot it appeared to be a mix of the two shades. But applied on my arm it was even cooler than Smoke & Diamonds. It also has more shimmer to it than the other two shadows and seemed to be a lot deeper and more pigmented.

Smoke & Diamonds is another Limited Edition eyeshadow from the Love that Look & last year's Starflash collection. It is a cool toned taupe, however it does have a slight golden sheen to it. This Starflash eyeshadow applies like butter.

Satin Taupe is the warmest out of the bunch with a strong plummy undertone. It is a permanent eyeshadow and a must-have shadow in anybody's collection (IMHO :) ).

So what's the verdict?

Overall I think Sweet Sienna is a very unique pigment and definetely worth getting if you are majorly into taupes.

Hope this helped.

MAC goodies (ebay & in store)

Remember that guilt ridden post of mine regarding my make-up spending habit?

Well, these are the items I bought recently and that caused me to feel guilty:

MAC Face & Body Foundation in C2 ♠
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium ○
MAC Moisturecover NW25
MAC Select Cover up NW20 ○
MAC Well Dressed blush ♠
MAC Photorealism quad *
MAC Rated "R" eyeshadow *
MAC Strike a Pose eyeshadow *
MAC Sweet Sienna pigment *
Graphic Garden Brush Set "Shape & Perfect" ♠

The items marked with a ♠ were bought in store.

Ebay sellers I bought from and that I can highly recommend:

I was looking through threads on Specktra for good ebay sellers after my disaster with ACW. I ordered the majority of my things from this seller. She gift wrapped my goodies (so sweet, right?!!) and even offered to get some products from MAC Pro for me. I highly recommend her, she's sweet, the items are all authentic MAC products and the shipping was quite fast! All items with a * were purchased from her!

Again, another recommendation from Specktra. She's another great authentic MAC seller on ebay. I bought two items from her. The communication was great, the items arrived fast! I bought the items marked with a ○ from her!

Here's a picture of the face products:

Close ups of the eyeshadows & pigment:

Sweet Sienna - Limited Edition Taupy Pigment!

Photorealism from the Make-up Art Cosmetics Collection.

The two Starflash Shadows from the Love that Look collection. These were sold out at my local MAC.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

MAC Chat - Face & Body foundation, Blot Powder, MSF & Back-2-MAC

Chat InformationWelcome to MAC Cosmetics Online. Your personal Makeup Artist will be with you shortly.
Chat InformationHello. Thank you for your interest in MAC Cosmetics. My name is Barbara. How may I assist you?
Maya: hi
Maya: I have a question regarding the face & body foundation
Barbara: Hi Maya.
Maya: I am in between shades in Studio Fix fluid, probably an NC27.
Maya: nc30 being too orange, as I am lighter and more olive toned. which colour would be suitable in the face & body foundation?
Barbara: I recommend shade C3 for you. Since it is a sheer formula, it will blend perfectly for your needs.
Maya: and what can I set it with?
Barbara: MAC Blot Powder is ideal to set it with. It is a light, translucent powder that doesn't give added colour or coverage to the skin.
Maya: which shade would you recommend?
Barbara: I recommend the Medium shade for you.
Maya: great. how about mac mineralized skinfinish natural? which shade would be good in that?
Barbara: Your ideal shade would be Light Medium.
Maya: thanks. one last question regarding back 2 mac
Maya: when i return 6 items to the store in my town which product can i get in return? is it only lipsticks or also lipglosses and eyeshadows?
Barbara: Our Back-to-MAC recycling program allows you to return 6 empty MAC containers in exchange for a lipstick of your choice excluding Viva Glam shades. You can do this at all MAC locations.
Barbara: At MAC freestanding locations (not at department store MAC counters), you can choose from either a lipstick (no Viva Glam shades) eye shadow or gloss if you give your complete email/address information for their customer system.
Maya: that's great news. when I asked the mua she said they would only give out lipsticks
Maya: can a store just make up their own policy regarding the back 2 mac program?
Barbara: We have a standard policy however, they can work on a case by case basis if they feel it is necessary.
Barbara: Actually Maya,
Barbara: I see you are an international customer.
Maya: yes
Barbara: So, the policy may be different in your country.
Barbara: The information I have given you is for North America only.
Barbara: Perhaps it is a lipstick only in your country.
Maya: Ok, I see. How can I find out for sure?
Barbara: Speak with your local MAC counter to confirm.
Maya: ok great
Maya: thanks a lot for your help, Barbara.
Maya: have a nice day
Barbara: You are very welcome.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Final disappointing Allcosmetics wholesale update - please read!

As you all know, I ordered some items from www.allcosmeticswholesale.com.

( check these posts out about the story:

Basically, they shipped me a wrong product and I asked for the correct product to be sent to me. They (I won't name the woman) refused to send it without me sending the item they sent incorrectly back first. Upon receipt I was told I would get the shipping costs (almost 5 USD) refunded. I then asked her if she could just add a pigment sample instead (which would have been 3 USD). I was told it wouldn't be a problem.

Anyway, so I received the package. No pigment. I then sent her an email 8 days ago asking to refund the shipping charges to my Bank Card. I mean after all it was their fault that I was sent a wrong item. Unfortunately, she never replied and the money hasn't been put back to my card either.

On another note, the Monarch or Reign Palette by Smashbox that I ordered from them reeks. I don't even want to use it out of fear that it will cause my skin to break out.

I can't tell you, how very disappointed I am by them. I really regret ordering from them.
It took me 7 weeks to get the correct item! Plus I had to pay for the shipping and I don't have to tell you how much it sucks to be ignored!!!

Needless to say, this was the 1st and last time I ordered from allcosmeticswholesale.com!!!

I can't recommend them to anyone for these reasons:

1. Customer Service is absolutely ridiculous.
2. You never know if you will be sent the correct item
3. The items they sent are of lower quality (not packaged, stinky, etc)
4. Several girls on Specktra claim that they were sent fake MAC items. Now, I don't know if that part is true, since mine seem to be authentic. If I would have done more research prior to ordering from them, I probably wouldn't have ordered from them to begin with.

I also want to note here that I have placed several orders from different online companies from overseas and nothing has ever gone wrong.

This is just a real pity coz allcosmeticswholesale.com just lost a customer.

If you need reliable sources to order MAC from, please let me know I can give you names of some really amazing sellers on ebay.
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