Sunday, April 17, 2011

Neutral Blushes

Many people generally go crazy for nude lips and nude eyeshadow. How about nude blushes though? You all know what I am talking about: Neutral coloured blushes that give you the right amount of natural blush and will magically sculpt your face without being obvious.

Nude/neutral blushes are generally warm/neutral toned with hues of light brownish pink, peach or plum. Most nude blushes I have seen are either matte or satin for a natural appearance. The perfect nude/neutral blush for you personally depends on your skin tone and undertones.

After looking through my blush collection of nude/neutral blushes, I realized that it's fairly moderate sized. In the past, I haven't really been thrilled about them...well, until about a week ago. You may ask why? Well, I just love my peaches and light pinks. But after having been wearing my favourite nude blush for the past week, I am sold! I am talking about Nars Madly, which I have owned for a while. Nude blushes lift your face without being overpowering. You can simply wear your favourite foundation, a neutral blush and mascara and you are ready to leave the house. Minimal, quick and really beautiful.

Neutral blushes can also used to bronze up your face or in correlation with a more pigmented blush on the apple of your cheek.

Below you will see my nude blushes, including swatches.

In order of appearance: Nars Madly, Clinique Bashful Plum, MAC Prim & Proper (LE) and Barry M Natural Dazzle

Estee Lauder Deluxe All-Over Face Palette (LE)

Me wearing Madly.

Also wearing MAC SFF NC25, L'Oreal Voluminious and MAC Jazzed

What is your favourite nude/neutral blush?



  1. I really like neutral blushes lately too. My faves are Nars Madly and MAC prim n Proper... I see u have the same ones, great minds think alike :)

  2. I agree with you, these neutral/nude blushes are almost fool-proof, not to mention they seem to always photograph really well!
    My personal favourite is RBR Delicata!


  3. For some reaosn, I've been really into neutral blushes.. Recently got a Burberry blush in Russet and it's so amazing.. It's a lovely burnt peach

  4. Wow, Russet looks lovely! Unfortunately we don't have Burberry here. Will check it out next time I'm in Europe.


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