Wednesday, July 22, 2009

all cosmetics wholesale

Hi all,

have any of you wonderful ladies and gents ordered from this website internationally?

If so, how long did it take for your goodies to arrive?

It's been 14 days since the parcel has been shipped, but it hasn't arrived yet and I am kinda getting worried. I also didn't insure it, so if it gets lost....70 usd will evaporate without anything to show but a heartboken MACaholic.

From my Everyday Minerals & ebay experience it usually doesn't take more than 14 days for stuff to be shipped here from the states.

Does it make much of a difference if the company is located on the east coast or west coast? They are located in Port Orchard, that why it could be taking longer than usual?

Oh, I hope the parcel didn't get lost...or stolen. :(


  1. I personally never ordered from them, but a few people on MUA have.

  2. Yes, I saw. Nobody seemed to have any bad experiences with them. That's a relief, but where's the parcel?

  3. I did and it never came to me. But I know a lot of people who are satisfied with their purchases.. For my second purchase, I used my boyfriend's address in America and package arrived very fast.. I hope you get your package too.

  4. A little update! My parcel arrived on the 21st. It was shipped on the 8th. (which isn't bad at all)
    The reason it didn't get to me is quite simple and stupid: It ended up in the wrong mail box!!!
    I will get my hands on it on Sunday tho!

    Look out for a haul/review post!



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