Monday, April 5, 2010

Yves Saint Laurent goodies

Hello again!

I got some gift cards and decided to use some of them to get a couple of YSL products that have been raved about in the blog and youtube sphere.

I got the Rouge Volupte in No 2 and the Faux Cils mascara in black that also came with a eye makeup remover.

YSL is known for their gorgeous packaging, hyked prices and awesome smelling products. Most people seem to be crazy about the Rouge Volupte lipsticks and the Faux Cils mascara.
Rouge Volupte lipsticks are said to be super smooth and creamy and very opaque. I have also heard that they're not drying your lips out as much as MAC lipsticks. No 2 is a beigy nude colour.
Faux Cils is supposed to be one of the best false lash effect mascara.

First impressions:
- The packaging of both products is gorgeous! It's golden, shiny and heavy.
- I have never, ever, ever (!) come across such a nice smelling mascara before. All I can say is yummy!
- I have only used the mascara once and so far I like it, but I wouldn't necessarily say that it's worth the hype considering the price. There are plenty of drugstore dupes out there for a fraction of the price.
- The Rouge Volupte applies very smoothly. It also has a gorgeous scent. The taste is kinda yuck tho. (Even tho I have heard people also rave about the taste...)
- No 2 is very close to Mac's Blankety. Blankety is slightly deeper in colour tho when swatched. However, I couldn't see much of a difference when applied to the lips.

Rouge Volupte No 2 vs Blankety:

Blankety on top, Rouge Volupte No 2 on the botton.

(all pictures taken in natural lighting)

Have you tried any YSL products?
Do you like them? Can you recommend them? Or do you think they're over-hyped?

Please share!



  1. there's only a few hours for which lippys stay put hence YSL seems a tad bit overhyped to me. I would rather get Mac's blankety :D

  2. Blankety is definetely a gorgeous nude! I don't get Rouge Voluptes to be honest. I might give it some more time...


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