Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Starflash eye shadows - swatches & initial review

As promised a swatch and initial review post!

A little about Starflash eye shadows:

• Limited Edition
• buttery smooth and "fluffy"
• blend like a dream
• little fallout
• slightly shimmery

Smoke & Diamonds:

This eye shadow is a repromote from last years Starflash collection. It is a shimmery, smooth taupe colour that has more of a silvery grayish undertones than a brown one. It is a cool tone and I haven't been able to make this one work yet. I really do love the colour, but I have the suspicion that it works better with cool toned ladies.
For those who can make this eyeshadow work for them, I can see it working as an all over lid colour with Carbon or Print in the outer V and crease area. Maybe it can also be used as a crease colour with a cooler beige shadow.

Style Snob:

This shadow is one of the new ones that were released this year. It is a simmery taupe colour with a significant peach undertone. This eyeshadow can be easily paired with other warm browns, warm purples and beiges with a warm undertone, such as All that Glitters. Or just worn by itself as a wash on the lid. Out of the three eye shadows that I got, I really love this one and almost wear it every day!

Fashion Groupie:

This eyeshadow is my first purple MAC shadow and I love it. It's a mid-tone purple and would go well either in the outer V and crease area or as an all over lid colour. I think this shade of purple would suit warm as well as cool skin tones. It is vibrant and lively.

Which other ones was I lusting after, but was too late to get my hands on at my local MAC?
Rated-R & Strike a Pose! Such a bummer. I swatched these two in store, but they were already sold out. I might have to call some other MAC stores to see who still has some left.

What do you think of the Starflash eyeshadows?


  1. I just tagged you on my blog. Come check it out.

  2. I havent check the them yet since the collection is not yet released in Greece :(( but i want as i see all the reviews & swatches,Grand entrance & Style snob,fashion groupie seems cute though :))

  3. Oh, the collection hasn't been released yet? And I thought we were behind...They're beautiful! You will like them :)


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