Thursday, July 16, 2009

new in | MAC & more

It's been a long time again, but I've been so busy with work, that whenever I am home, I just am too tired to do anything. Unfortunately, I get too tired to update this blog, too.

But other than work, I went to MAC quite a few times.

These are the things that I got on my 1st trip a week ago!

Smut eyeshadow

Buckwheat eyeshadow from the Naked Honey Collection

And here a picture of both eyeshadows - taken with flash.

Smut is a gorgeous dark greyish brownish colour with a purple sheen to it.
Buckwheat is a rich brown with golden sparkle to it.

I then depotted these eyeshadows and backed-to-MAC some stuff and received a lipstick. I was a little upset to be honest, because even though our MAC is a freestanding store, I was only allowed to pick a lipstick. Really sucked, actually - since I am not really into lipsticks.

The one lipstick that I wanted to try tho was Blankety, so I picked it.

The picture doesn't do the colour justice. It's a light brownish beige. A Beautiful nude without obvious pink or peach undertones.

Last, but not least, I made yet another trip (3 all together in one week) to see the Color Craft Collection and was not impressed at all. I was gonna get Color Crafted and Improvised, but passed on those and chose Lychee Luxe Lipglass instead, as I was looking for a nice corally lip gloss.

And these are the items that my bf brought back from London. I passed on Gosh and Barry M, as I will be going to London in Fall (fingers crossed) and would rather pick the things in person.

Bobbi Brown Color Corrector in Peach

And my HG Hair treatment: Aussie's 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor

Hope you've all been doing well.


  1. I wondered where you had dissapeared too. Smut looks gorgeous! xx

  2. Oh, great collective haul!

    I have both shadows and Blankety on my wishlist!!! :)


  3. Smut is gorgeous, and Blankety suits your coloring. :)

  4. Thanks for the comments, ladies :)

    I am quite happy with my purchases. Especially buckwheat has been a favourite of mine these past few days. The texture is so amazingly smooth. Love it!

  5. Smut looks STUNNING! I may just have to investigate this!!!



  6. It is a lovely and very unique shade! I just wish the texture was smoother. Buckwheat blends like butter compared to Smut. But it's definitively worth checking out!


  7. I love smut e/s. It's such an amazing colour and you don't hear it mentioned often. I love it for soft smokey eyes.



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