Saturday, May 23, 2009

FOTN - subtle bronze

This was a very quick "my-hunny-is-waiting-and-i-need-to-hurry" look.

MAC Studio Finish Concealer NW20
Everyday Minerals Buttered Tan in matte
Everyday Minerals Pink Ribbon Blush


Catrice Eyeshadow base
Bronze eyeshadow from 88 matte/satin palette
Maybelline Liquid eyeliner in black
Lancome Black Kohl
L'oreal Double Extension Mascara in Black

Essence Lip Plumping Gloss

Saturday, May 16, 2009

before and after

I did a before and after for my friend who's here for a visit! Don't exactly remember which products I

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Barry M

To all of you guys who are outside the UK, I have great news for you! Barry M delivers to almost anywhere!!! Delivers to Israel, so I am sure it will deliver to you as well, no matter how remote you mite be. ;)

Check out their website.

I am so excited about this.

Oh, and thanks everyone for the comments. My friend arrived Thursday nite, so I have been quite busy and couldn't respond or post anything. And now I am off to the beach!
Have a lovely day, everyone.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

dark eyeshadow bases rock!

As you all know, using an eyeshadow base not only prevents the eyeshadow from creasing and fading, but will also enhance its colour.
As you may have seen from my EOTDs/FOTDs I like using a dark eyeshadow base, such as eyeliners, fluidlines and NYXs Jumbo pencils to deepen the look of the eyeshadow.
It'll give the eyeshadow a totally different effect, it will bring out certain undertones depending on the shadow and make it smoky.

You can pretty much grab any darker eyeliner, kohl, creme shadow and use it as a base! Do try this out if you haven't already. :)
Apply the product all over you lid and smooth it out with your clean finger or a brush. Then apply you favorite eyeshadow on top in a patting motion. Blend out the edges. And you're done.

Here's a picture :

I used Everyday Minerals lose eyeshadow in "in the Garden".
The first picture is with a plain skin tone coloured eyeshadow base by catrice.
The middle picture is with swatches on the nyx jumbo pencil in black bean and below the catrice eyeshadow base.
The last picture is with black bean as a base.

Ok, I obviously cheated on the last pic and used a black kohl on my lower lashline and applied more shadow on top of that for an even smokier look. :) But you get the idea!

Monday, May 4, 2009

MAC Prep + Prime Line Filler

My friend and I went into MAC last week to have a look at the new Line Filler. Unfortunately it was sold out!
We both really want to get out hands on this product, but the MUA at MAC informed us that it is limited edition and won't be re-released.
I thought the products from the new prep + prime line were new additions to MAC's permanent line. The woman was in fact wrong, right?!

Also, have any of you lovely ladies tried the line filler and if you have, how would you rate it using a scale from 1-5 (1 being the lowest)?
Is it worth getting in your opinion?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

MAC Creme d'Nude

What do you do with a Lipstick that for some strange reason just doesn't work for you?

Creme d'Nude has been troublesome for me. Despite the great reviews, I find it too light for me, it washes me out and my lips seem too pigmented. It never seems to be evenly applied everywhere, no matter how much I pile on. For some reason my lips seem lined with a darker colour from my own lips' pigmentation (i dont get it either). I have used it with MAC's lipliner in subculture, even filled in all of my lips with it...with no success. I tried using different lip glosses with it...But nothing worked. And I am too cheap to go out and buy lip erase right now...

So I got creative instead. I first applied Rimmel's Asia (no 77) and then Creme d'Nude Voila...:)

What do you guys think?
Have you ever combined lipsticks?

fotn - last nite

As you all know, I love my neutrals. Last nite, I decided to take out my 88 palettes and create a neutral look that I usually create with my MAC shadows (satin taupe, woodwinked, shroom). This is the subtle look that I came up with!

(no flash)

(with flash)

MAC studio finish concealer nw20
everyday minerals - sweet almond & light olive 1:1 ratio - intensive
urban decay fetish blush
everyday minerals pumpkin pie over blush

close up of cheeks:

and the eyes:

catrice eyeshadow base
shimmery brown from 88 shimmer palette all over the lid
dark matte brown from 88 palette (regular) - outer v
shimmery copper from 88 shimmer palette - lower lashline
light beige from 88 palette (regular) on browbone
maybelline liquid eyeliner in black
l'oreal double extension mascara

jumping on the band wagon

oh yes, i am. :)

I am gonna start project 10 pan as well, with a slight change. i will also add skin care & body products, such as cremes, lotions, toners, etc. So this means, that I am not allowed to buy any new products until I finish 10 in my collection.

I will also let you know once I have finished a product: with a review and whether i will repurchase. :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

8 things

i haven't been tagged but who cares. i'll do this anyway

8 Things I look forward to

  • dinner tonite with my bf and his family
  • for my cold to go away
  • my friend coming for a visit from istanbul
  • making music again
  • payday
  • buying an uber cute bag/the cool shawl and funky shades i saw the other day
  • spending some good ol' quality time with my bf
  • figuring out what the hell i wanna do with my life

8 Things I did yesterday

  • worked
  • got a ride home
  • watched lost
  • read a little in the tibetan book of living and dying
  • chilled
  • ate middle eastern rice that my hunny prepared - uh-may-zin :)
  • wasted time on youtube
  • made the bed - hurray lol

8 Things I wish I could do

  • travel the world
  • go back to uni
  • treat myself to whatever i want no matter how much it costs
  • treat people i care about
  • visit my family
  • record an album
  • have a great and interesting and well paying job
  • accept and love myself for who i am - enough with being so hard on ourselves gals

8 Shows I watch

  • lost
  • gossip girl
  • sex and the city
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • youtube

I tag everyone who hasn't done this yes

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