Wednesday, September 2, 2009

MAC Chat - Face & Body foundation, Blot Powder, MSF & Back-2-MAC

Chat InformationWelcome to MAC Cosmetics Online. Your personal Makeup Artist will be with you shortly.
Chat InformationHello. Thank you for your interest in MAC Cosmetics. My name is Barbara. How may I assist you?
Maya: hi
Maya: I have a question regarding the face & body foundation
Barbara: Hi Maya.
Maya: I am in between shades in Studio Fix fluid, probably an NC27.
Maya: nc30 being too orange, as I am lighter and more olive toned. which colour would be suitable in the face & body foundation?
Barbara: I recommend shade C3 for you. Since it is a sheer formula, it will blend perfectly for your needs.
Maya: and what can I set it with?
Barbara: MAC Blot Powder is ideal to set it with. It is a light, translucent powder that doesn't give added colour or coverage to the skin.
Maya: which shade would you recommend?
Barbara: I recommend the Medium shade for you.
Maya: great. how about mac mineralized skinfinish natural? which shade would be good in that?
Barbara: Your ideal shade would be Light Medium.
Maya: thanks. one last question regarding back 2 mac
Maya: when i return 6 items to the store in my town which product can i get in return? is it only lipsticks or also lipglosses and eyeshadows?
Barbara: Our Back-to-MAC recycling program allows you to return 6 empty MAC containers in exchange for a lipstick of your choice excluding Viva Glam shades. You can do this at all MAC locations.
Barbara: At MAC freestanding locations (not at department store MAC counters), you can choose from either a lipstick (no Viva Glam shades) eye shadow or gloss if you give your complete email/address information for their customer system.
Maya: that's great news. when I asked the mua she said they would only give out lipsticks
Maya: can a store just make up their own policy regarding the back 2 mac program?
Barbara: We have a standard policy however, they can work on a case by case basis if they feel it is necessary.
Barbara: Actually Maya,
Barbara: I see you are an international customer.
Maya: yes
Barbara: So, the policy may be different in your country.
Barbara: The information I have given you is for North America only.
Barbara: Perhaps it is a lipstick only in your country.
Maya: Ok, I see. How can I find out for sure?
Barbara: Speak with your local MAC counter to confirm.
Maya: ok great
Maya: thanks a lot for your help, Barbara.
Maya: have a nice day
Barbara: You are very welcome.


  1. wow idk that you could get an e/s or l/s!!!! i have to definitely return those pronto! =]

  2. great service, didn't know they did that :)

  3. MAC Chat is awesome. Can only recommend it!

  4. I love their service but can I give you my advice from personal experience. I'm also an NC27 (or would be if SFF made it!) I have the same problem as you, my blot powder in medium is FAR too light for me (and will likely be for you too) so I passed it onto my sister (NC15-20) who it works for. On me it looks chalky and visibly white, so I'd advise you to get a colour darker. Also with the skinfinish natural, I have medium which again is to light for me, so once again passed it onto my sister who it suits...I'd definitely say that light-medium would be far too pale and you're better off getting the colour after medium. Hope I helped :)


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