Tuesday, September 15, 2009

MAC goodies (ebay & in store)

Remember that guilt ridden post of mine regarding my make-up spending habit?

Well, these are the items I bought recently and that caused me to feel guilty:

MAC Face & Body Foundation in C2 ♠
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium ○
MAC Moisturecover NW25
MAC Select Cover up NW20 ○
MAC Well Dressed blush ♠
MAC Photorealism quad *
MAC Rated "R" eyeshadow *
MAC Strike a Pose eyeshadow *
MAC Sweet Sienna pigment *
Graphic Garden Brush Set "Shape & Perfect" ♠

The items marked with a ♠ were bought in store.

Ebay sellers I bought from and that I can highly recommend:

I was looking through threads on Specktra for good ebay sellers after my disaster with ACW. I ordered the majority of my things from this seller. She gift wrapped my goodies (so sweet, right?!!) and even offered to get some products from MAC Pro for me. I highly recommend her, she's sweet, the items are all authentic MAC products and the shipping was quite fast! All items with a * were purchased from her!

Again, another recommendation from Specktra. She's another great authentic MAC seller on ebay. I bought two items from her. The communication was great, the items arrived fast! I bought the items marked with a ○ from her!

Here's a picture of the face products:

Close ups of the eyeshadows & pigment:

Sweet Sienna - Limited Edition Taupy Pigment!

Photorealism from the Make-up Art Cosmetics Collection.

The two Starflash Shadows from the Love that Look collection. These were sold out at my local MAC.


  1. ohh wow! dese are a lot of goodies! hehe
    do let us know how the face and body foundation turns out..:)

  2. Hey darlz, I have only used the face and body foundation twice, but so far I like it, although it is quite sheer and lightweight.
    My MAC Store didn't have C3, which would have been perfect, so I got C2 thinking that I will get paler in winter anyway. Right now, it is too light for my tanned complexion, however when I put darker powder over it, it seems fine. You should check it out, but make sure to get colour matched, as the shades run different with this foundation. HTH. xx

  3. Awww huge haul :) Enjoy using everything :) MSF and F&B are my favourites too, I'm considering Sweet Sienna for weeks already, did you try that yet? did you like it? does it worth buying?

  4. Yummy yummy MAC goodies.

    I completely understand the obsession :)

  5. @ Marjo, I haven't tried Sweet Sienna yet, but it looks gorgeous and you get so much product. It looks like a mix of Smoke & Diamonds and Satin Taupe.
    Which shade do you use in F&B by the way?

    @ ElizabethJane, it surely is an obsession that needs to be kept at bay! LOL

  6. Maya, thank you for your reply, I think I'll buy this pigment :P I'm a real NC30, but my F&B is C4. It's dark because I bought it last summer and I was tanned at that time.. I think I should get a C3 for winter but I'm not sure :S


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