Sunday, July 26, 2009

allcosmetics wholesale rant

Hi my lovely ladies!

As you all know, I ordered some goodies from For those who don't know them, they're basically a like a CCO (cosmetics company outlet). You can find LE items and products of permanent lines there for a discounted price. Smashbox, Stila, Mac, etc. And the greatest thing is that they ship internationally.

Now, this was the 1st time I ordered from them. The big envelope arrived in less than two weeks. Pretty good - I mean less than two weeks from Washington State to the Middle East - not bad at all!

All the products are in good shape.

Now, here's where the frustation begins:
1. The Smashbox reign palette came without packaging but it was wrapped well - so I shall not make a big deal out of it. But it smells like gross plastic nastyness.
2. No receipt!!! What the...? Am I not supposed to get a receipt? Shady, if you ask me!
3. They sent me a wrong product!!!! I ordered the MAC Moisturecover concealer in NW25 (13.99 USD) and got the MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NW25 (9.99 USD). THIS is the worst part of course. I have no use for the Studio Finish Concealer. I ordered the MAC Moisturecover concealer and paid for it. I am upset.

So this morning I emailed them, asking them to send the item I ordered, Now, I know I should see what happens first. But, it is obvious if they don't send me the right product or refund me or pay for the shipping back of the wrong product to replace it with the new product, I won't be able to recommend them to anyone and obviously won't order from them again.

End of rant!

Pictures of the haul will be posted once I have calmed down.


  1. awwww dats terrible girlie! :(
    They should definately pay for the shipping of the product as the mistake was on their part! This is the reason I am sceptical to shop online other than from ebay.

  2. Let's see what happens. I was really excited about ordering from them! And I really want to be able to recommend them, as they do have great items there, that are generally hard to find.

  3. aw thats so horrbile.
    I was hoping they would be really good, but i dunno now. I dont want to have to worry about getting wrong products :/

  4. I haven't heard anything negative about them before, that's why I ordered from them in the 1st place. So I do hope this is a one time only thing and that their customer service is good.

    Will keep everyone updated!

  5. Maya, at least you had your package, mine never arrived, never had a refund nor replacement, doh..

  6. Good luck with them!! I hope things work out.

  7. Thanks, Chrissy! No reply from them yet. :(


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