Sunday, November 15, 2009

Project: Shop your Stash - week 2

This past week was pretty low-key in regards to make-up. I opted for little to no make-up most of the days.

These were the items that I used on the days that I wore make-up:
Monistat "Primer" - let's just call it that. I used this every day I was wearing make-up. It does help my foundation adhere better and last longer.
Bobbi Brown Corrector in Peach - I will be reviewing this in a few weeks, once I use it a little more. But so far I have to say, I like it. And that is quite a surprise, because initially I didn't like it at all!
Barry M Natural Dazzle - I use this as a blush. It's gorgeous for a natural day look.
MAC Love thing Mineralize Blush. ♥
NYX Black Bean - I used it on top of a base and the added Smashboxes Starlit (e/s) on top. Gorgeous taupy look.

Smashbox Splendid (e/s) - the light peach with shimmer has become my go-to colour that I wear when I go to work.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC30 - for those days I needed a little extra help. :)

Here's a picture:

Please note, that I am not mentioning the products that I use all the time, such as Mineralize Skinfinishes, Mascara or TFSI to name a few, as those I generally always use.



  1. Hi Maya! I love the idea of your project "Shop your stash"! I have so many forgotten items and even items I've never ever used at all! Will try to follow this idea :-)

  2. Oh wow, interesting that you use Monistat as a primer? I'd never heard of that! I just stumbled across your blog and am loving it so far!

  3. thanks!:)

    The stuff works really well and is so cheap. Can definetely recommend it.


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