Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I decided to try and post three good things that are going on in my life - on that particular day. hope i will do this daily and would like to tag anyone who would like to do this, also! I find that it helps to appreciate the good stuff that is happening in our lives, even when we have a crappy day.

• after i was laid off last week - due to our project being closed, i was hired for another project today! Yay!
• today is my first day as a non-smoker
• the sun is shining


  1. Great for finding a new job and first day of quitting!! :) sun isnt shining here so i wont comment on that :( hehe

  2. well done for starting your smoking challenge :)

  3. I will post three good things daily, as well! Yay for good things :)


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