Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mac Staff argggg

So I was walking around in town and thought I'd stop by the MAC store. I find their staff really annoying and obnoxious, but whatever. Who cares, right?
Anyway, since I'll be getting my Studio Sculpt foundation soon, I wanted to ask one of the girls there, if it would be possible to exchange it, if the colour doesn't match my skin tone (apparently they are running slightly darker). She told me it wasn't possible, because it was bought abroad. Fair enough.
Then she asked me which shade I got it in. I told her NC30. Info: I was matched an NC37 (?!) by her colleague 2 months ago, and was like nah uh, you can't match my foundation to my body because my body is 2-3 shades darker than my face and it would look stupid. She accused me of lying in the sun too much! WTF? I then went on to justify my body's skin tone, trying to explain to her, that my body's colour comes after my mom, who's like an NC40 and my face after my dad, who's an NC20 (if he was to wear make up, LOL). What a dumbface.
Anyway, this time the bitch-o-stupido told me I am an NW20! I was like nah uh! I am between an NC25 and an NC30. And she was like, no, NW20, definitely NW! Haha. Dumb-dumb. I know my shit. Seriously. Especially my own face! Then she went on to tell me that it really doesn't matter that I got the NC30 (, although I'm an NW20,) because I or anyone else won't be able to tell the difference and that only THEY (MAC people) can tell the difference and can tell that the colour is off. "I can tell the difference and I am not an NW20!!!!" ARGgggggg! Idiots, seriously!


  1. LOL.. What an idiot! my face and body are also not the same color, my body is definitely yellower and it is NC30. anyone else than MAC people cant tell the difference btw NC30 and NW20??? What the hell is she thinking! NC30 is one of the most yellowest collors, if not the most and Nw20 is light pinky color. If a MUA tells me the same thing, I'd definitely thank her and find another MUA to talk to. Once I'm done there, I'd complain to the manager about how "MAC-illiterate" the other MUA is. Some of these MUAs are really annoying, mostly because they are new and don't know as much as we do and they become nonsense and stupid. Once a new MUA told me that brush 187 is totally natural and I said its name is duo fiber, which means it has both natural + synthetic fibers.. and he insisted on and on.. How pathetic.. Your being the MUA doesnt mean you know better than us! Ooops sorry I talked to much :P

  2. You don't talk too much. We all need to rant about MAC staff sometimes. :)
    But, I have been thinking about the incident. I think she actually just wanted to sell me a foundation. As far as I understand, they work on minimum wage + commission. So that would make sense...or, she really has no clue. Either way, she was the only one there otherwise I would have talked to someone else. But believe me, I was out of there in less than 2 minutes! The thing is, I could deal with them being not trained well enough, because I know what to get, but do they have to be condescending on top of being absolutely stupid? I wonder...

  3. gosh the mac people are so rude i agree!i find them so snobby that i hate to go to counter but what can you do?i like mac makeup.

    jeez and i totally understand your body color not matching your face because i have that too!
    i mean match my face not my body!

    and how annoying is it that she accused you of lying out in the sun.i think thats stupid,because if you did,why would your body be diff color from your face?wouldnt lying out in the sun mean that youre going to be tan all over?how silly.

    but i think the worst when she condescendingly said that only MAC people know the diff.i often get mismatched for the WRONG color for my face.

    really sorry you had to experience such a bad experience.

    but this post was entertaining to read

  4. A few months back, I was actually thinking about applying for a job there...but hell no, i would get so frustrated working with those girls...

  5. hahah you could still totally annoy them or give them a hard time as a customer.

    btw thanks for subscribing back to my blog :)

  6. Oh God XD. I don't know whether I'm more angry or amused >:-)...Stupid people >:-/.


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