Tuesday, March 10, 2009

3 good things

1. tonight at around 11:45 pm it'll be 1 week since I last smoked.
2. purim :)
3. I didn't go to MAC and spend money! (That was a really tough one actually)


  1. Good for you :D!
    [The MAC thing might have something to do with that last blog though ;). I'd definitely feel disinclined to go there again...]

  2. i love mac. theres so much things i want to buy from there. liquidblast. eyeshadows.. oh the endless

  3. I am in direct sync with you in the no smoking dilemma. I haven't timed it as well as you but it's been a week. Keep it going!

  4. @ Cris and J: yeah, the girls don't make me wanna go back there any time soon, but my addiction is calling! LOL

    @ Nazdrowie: Thanks, good luck to you too!


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