Monday, March 2, 2009

new resolution

I decided i am gonna stop smoking so I can afford more make-up, MAC to be precise. Yeah, nevermind that i said it's overpriced. I still wanna get a ton of items by MAC and what better way to kick an addiction? Just replace it with a new one...


Who's with me?


  1. Such a good idea! I think i should give up chocolate but i dont think i would be able to! Good luck :)

  2. thanks! :)
    well, if I could kick my sushi and chocolate addiction I'd probably be able to spend even more money on MAC, but I love these two pleasures of mine more than MAC. hehe...

  3. hehe MAC is way better than smokin ;) goodluck!!

  4. Thanks :) I will try my best!

  5. [Thanks for following ^_^.]
    Brilliant :). One of my fave quotes...
    "Well, at least we're addicted to something healthy :-P."
    So true :). Good luck, and I'm proud of you for choosing this ;).


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