Friday, March 20, 2009

mini haul

Beauty Care - Israel

I recently discovered this beauty supply store in the mall in my town and was amazed how cheap everything was. They have a full range of all sorts of beauty supplies for "professionals" at really low prices.
I ended up spending a lot of time at the brush isle. They have all sorts of brushes, for as little as USD 1 a brush!
I grabbed 5 of them. I haven't tested them yet, but I think they compare to Crown Brushes/Coastal Scents Quality or slightly lower quality.
• #D Fine Eyeliner (synthetic)

• S232 Small Chisel Fluff
• C153 Deluxe Large Chisel Fluff

• S217 Deluxe Round Crease
• K21 Deluxe Crease

I also got myself an eyeshadow in a beautiful shimmery taupy brown. This eyeshadow was about USD 1.50 and seems to have good pigmentation (only swatched without primer).

Unfortunately I don't know if these products can be bought anywhere outside of Israel. But thought I'd share for those who are in Israel.

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