Sunday, March 22, 2009

how do you wash your make-up brushes?

So I've been washing my brushes once every week to once every two weeks, depending on how often I use them.
I use a mixture of baby shampoo, alcohol, dish washing soap and conditioner in equal amounts and pour it into a dish filled with warm water. The dish is filled with just enough water so the bristles can be washed in it, without the ferrule getting into the water...(ideally). So let's say the water has a depth of about 1 cm. I heard that the water should not touch the ferrule - the metal part - otherwise your make-up brushes will get damaged.
Now, I never manage to wash my brushes without the ferrule part getting a little wet and I panic.
Most of my brushes right now, are either no-brand or crown brushes and if I would mess them up I wouldn't be that sad, however I will be receiving my MAC brushes soon and I hope that they will last me a life time, ok, a few decades would do too. :)
After the water's colour changes, I change the washing solution for the rest of the brushes and rinse the bristles of the brush. I wait for the water to run clear. Again the ferrule is getting wet!
In order for the brushes to dry well I first squeeze out the excess water and then lay the brushes flat on a towel. It usually takes several hours up to a day for them to dry.

How do you wash your brushes? Does your ferrule get wet, too?


  1. I use MAC's brush cleanser for that purpose. I saw in Specktra that people dilute it with water, so I dilute as well in a 1:1 ratio. If the brush isnt too dirty, I clean my eye brushes like this: I fold 2 paper towels on top of each other, pour a little brush cleanser (i mean the brush cleanser, water mix) on the paper towel and swirl the brush on the cleanser. For face brushes this way also works but sometimes not enough, so I use a plastic beaker, fill it till around 1-2 cm with brush cleanser. and swirl the brush until it is totally clean, sometimes I need to refresh the brush cleanser.. I'm very careful with ferrule part, I wasnt careful enough once and one of my cheap blush brushes was broken into 2 :P I fixed it though (used tape to seal ehehe) but it looks funny :P

  2. water-cleanser mix seems to be a good idea. :) I will try that! Thanks :)


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