Tuesday, March 3, 2009

MAC wishlist

this post is turning out to be funny. I keep editing as I go along and read reviews!!!
- 109 Brush
- 222 Brush
- 242 Brush
- 188 Brush
- Paint Pot in Soft Ochre
- e/s: Vanilla, Mushroom, Mulch, Woodwinked, Sumptuous Olive or Henna, Honey Lust, Satin Taupe, Carbon, Amber Lights, Cork
- Hello Kitty Tippy
- Hello Kitty Pink Fish
- blushes: Pink Swoon, Springsheen (MAC dupe for NARS orgasm)
- Prep & Prime Lip
- Studio Sculpt Concealer NW20

- Romp e/s, bare canvas paint, fast response eye cream, honesty e/s

For now...Hmm. Just dreaming...


  1. I hope you get them all asap :))

    109, pink fish, sumptuous olive and satin taupe are in my wishlist too.. I can't wait to have pink fish, HK will be released here next week :) *excited* :))

  2. thank you for following my blog :)
    i hope you get a chance to have a go at my contest :)

  3. @ Marjo: HK will also be released here next week! Can't wait! I heard great reviews about pink fish :) And the 109 is supposed to be a dream to apply foundation with...

    @ AbbieAndBrian: I will def take a shot at the contest :)

  4. you deffo have a long wishlist :P would be nice to have though :)

  5. Yeah, it'll take me months, birthdays, anniversaries, etc to be able to get everything on that list! Or a really good paying job... :)

  6. Soft ochre is sadly d/c... If you find it, let me know - I want it too! x


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