Wednesday, April 15, 2009

new stuff

I finally caved in a few days ago and got a MAC Pro Palette (15 pan). I obviously had to put my new refill pans (Shroom and Satin Taupe) in straight away. :)
Yes, it looks like I am building my first MAC palette. :)

I also received MAC's Woodwinked as a gift from my baby's aunt. :) I immediately depotted it (watch Koren's tutorial here: ) and put it in the palette too.

Woodwinked looks like a rich brown in the pan, but is more of a golden, coppery brown and much lighter than you'd expect it to be.

Furthermore I got myself an amazingly yummy smelling and moisturizing hand cream with grape extract from a store called Golf. It's a chain here in Israel, that's kinda like H&M and Ikea. Like you have one for clothes and then there's Golf & Co. that also sells houseware stuff (pots, plates, sheets, towels, etc) and creams and such.

A friend of mine also got me some lipstuffies as bday prezzies: One Lip Balm with Vanilla scent...yum! As a sidenote, I love anything with Vanilla, Almonds, Coco and Coconut. I also received two lipglosses by Markwins ( - the guys that also do Wet'n'Wild and Tropez. One's clear and the other one's a nudish peach colour.


  1. Congrats on your first palette! :)

  2. I love all the eyeshadows you have! Your palette is already gorgeous.

  3. Thanks, what should I get next in your opinion?

  4. Aww I felt the same when i got my palette!

    I reccommend Naked Lunch - It's my holy grail, oh and i love tempting too.

    I just bought woodwinked and i'm waiting on delivery!

  5. :) woodwinked is super nice on green or blue eyes as well. it totally makes them pop.

    will check out naked lunch too!

  6. YAY your first palette, I just got my first one too!! I got Carbon and All that glitters to go in but do have a couple of colours in normal pots that I want to depot to go in including Shroom!! this colour is amazing!!

  7. oh, i really wanna get carbon and all that glitters as well.
    to be honest, i wasn't so happy with shroom, it hardly shows up on my skin but the ma refused to exchange it for me. glad it works for you, tho. :)


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