Friday, April 10, 2009

Mineral foundations

As you all probably know I am a lover of Everyday Minerals ( ). A huge part of my collection consists of mineral foundations, blushes, concealers and eye shadows. I have been using Everyday Minerals foundations since October last year and I love it. It took me quite a while to find the right shade and that is why I have a variety of different shades. However, I do believe that the ones I'm not using at the moment will be useful during the summer months. It is also good to have a few that match, and some that are lighter and darker so you can mix them according to your current skin tone. I have also been able to help friends with finding the right match, because I have quite a few to choose from.
Most of the formulas that I have are in the intensive formula, although I have a sample in semi matte and one in matte too. I do like coverage, although I don't need it. ;) So, I think next formulas I will be getting will be in matte and semi matte.

I have never been a foundation wearin' kinda gal, simply because most foundations eventually break me out - apart from the fact that I find traditional foundations way too heavy. But with Mineral foundation I have no problems what so ever and I get amazing coverage!

Highly recommend it. You can even order a sample kit for free many a times, until you find the right shade and formula.

Here are my full size foundations all in intensive formula and a starting/finishing dust. My current match is Sweet Almond.

I also have a bunch of sample sizes. The one I really like is Buttered Tan which will hopefully be a match once I have a bit of a tan. (I do use this sometimes tho, I have to admit, to give me a bit more colour.)

[sorry about the picture quality]

The only other Mineral foundation I have tried is by a German based company called Catrice. The coverage isn't all that great, nor does the colour match. I also suspect that this foundation broke me out strangely enough, although the ingredients seem to be the same as EDM.

As for concealers I only have EDM concealers and I am quite happy with them.

Mint cancels out all redness & is great for people with Rosecea
Abbot's Perk me up is a salmon shade that is used to neutralize dark undereye circles
Lavender (Out of Stock at the moment, I believe) can be used to brighten dull yellow skin
Pearl Beige - diffuses light away, can also be used as a highlighter

[sorry about the picture quality]

Hope this helps those of you who have been thinking about ordering from Everyday Minerals.

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