Sunday, April 5, 2009

bday - my trip to mac

Turned 27 today and received a MAC gift card from my lovely friends! So decided to drag my boyfriend to MAC today. Actually he offered and I gladly accepted.
To my surprise the MAC store also sells Pro Products, so I decided to go for the refills instead and leave some money (not much since MAC is more expensive here) on the gift card.

I wanted to get Vanilla and Satin Taupe, but Vanilla was sold out so I got Shroom instead.
I am so glad they have the refill pans, yay.


  1. awww happy birthday Maya!! :))) You have some very thoughtful friends :) Enjoy your new goodies :) Satin Taupe is a must IMO. I need Soft Brown, I might get it in my birthday, mine is close too :P

  2. Thank you! I also need to get a palette, but needed to prioritize lol. :)
    When's your birthday, fellow aries lady? ♥

  3. I'd really liked your blog. I'l be always here! Kisses

  4. Thanks, Juh. That's sweet! ♥


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