Saturday, June 11, 2011

Guerlain Haul

It's been a while since I last blogged, but I promise, I am still here.

My drugstore finally put up a Guarlain counter and to my surprise had a Blush G tester! I got super excited as I had been looking for one for months and no one seemed to have it here.

They only had 2 available and 20% off. I decided to cave in and get it. Hell yeah, I do need another blush in my collection.

I also got some freebies, which convinced me even more.

I got the Guerlain G blush, a complimentary brush set, Idylle body lotion and a gorgeous lip gloss in Violine.

Simply gorgeous...

Travel size brush kit...I always need more brushes!

Kiss Kiss

What other Guerlain products would you recommend? Do you have any of the products listed above?



  1. Maya that's quite a haul, love it! I just got into Guerlain too. You've gotta try the Rouge Automatique. I have Rose Bengal and Shalimar and they're soooo lovely!

  2. Oh gotta check those out too! So far I'm impressed with the quality of guerlain products I have to say. If you can find the blush I can highly recommend it. :)

  3. I recenly purchased the Guerlain Lingerie de Peau Foundation and it's beautiful.. Really wanted to get my hands on that blush but I missed out on it..

    Great haul!

  4. I checked out the foundations but they all seem to run a little dark and orange. And I pretty much am a true NC27 (light-medium with a strong yellow/olive undertone). Maybe my counter doesn't have many shades available.

    If you can, I would advise to check at your local counter to see if they have any of the blushes left. You may be surprised. I surely was when I saw that they had some at my counter.

  5. OMG these goodies are droolworthy! I need to get my hand on some Guerlian.

  6. The price tag hurts but the quality is crazy!


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