Thursday, March 18, 2010

My MAC lip products - including swatches

To be honest, I am not a very big lip product person, although I really try to be. I simply hate reapplying lipsticks and find that most lip products wear off too fast and dry out my lips.

Generally speaking, wearing lip products definitely requires some maintenance and I just might be too lazy.

However, I have accrued a few MAC lippies that I love, but rarely wear.

Top to bottom (w/o flash/w flash): pink fish TLC, plum lip pencil, subculture lip pencil, lipsticks: rebel, snob, angel, nude rose, blankety, creme d'nude *

I only own 3 lip glosses from MAC*:

* skin tone on underarm is probably around nc20.

My top 3 products:
1. pink fish tinted lip conditioner
2. ventian lustreglass
3. angel frost lipstick

My least 3 products:
1. underage (sticky)
2. lychee luxe (sticky)
3. snob (too drying and too cool toned for my complexion)
(These three I can only wear with a good lip balm or pink fish.)

Which MAC lip products do you like? Which ones can you recommend? And which ones should we stay away from?



  1. MAC lipglasses are sticky, I tend to avoid them altogether!
    I think you 'd like the lipsticks from Rose Romance ("A Rose Romance" and "Way to Love"), but they might be hard to find now...


  2. I have heard great things about "way to love"...hopefully I will make it to a CCO at one point.



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