Sunday, January 10, 2010

Product Review | MAC Moisturelush Eye Cream

I had been looking for an eye cream for a while and decided that it was finally time to invest in a good eye cream. I have normal skin with an oily T-zone. I wouldn't say that my under eye area is particularly dry. I have a few very fine lines.

After doing some research, I thought I would give MAC's Moisturelush eye cream a shot. As you might remember from one of my haul posts, I bought this product a few months back and have been using it since then.

Price tag:

15 ml / 0.5 oz US $30.00£20.50 (in the UK)€34.00 (in the EU)

This is what MAC says:
"A richly hydrating eye cream with optical effects. Rejuvenates, reconditions and refreshes. Visibly lifts and firms skin around the eyes: helps reduce early morning/late night puffiness and balance the skin’s moisture levels. Provides long-lasting moisture."


It comes in a small pot out of the same plastic material that's used for any of the other moisturelush products.
I don't find the packaging hygienic at all since you keep sticking your fingers in there. You have to make sure that your hands are super clean, before getting any product out. Otherwise it will be a breeding ground for bacteria and you don't want to get it anywhere near your eyes. I suppose using a spatula would be an option.

Here's what I think:

The cream has a pleasant scent and an iridescent sheen to it. It is very soft and creamy.

I did not notice any firming/lifting around my eyes. Nor did I notice a reduction in puffiness.
It does moisturize, however I don't think it's any more moisturizing than a regular face cream designed for normal/dry skin.

When using this cream, I have to be very careful not to get it into my eyes. Unfortunately, it burns when I get this product into my eyes, which is quite ridiculous, as this cream is meant to be used around the eye area.
Furthermore, I do not like the sheen this product has. It makes my skin look oily and accentuates any pores I have on my upper cheek area.

Now, if this product actually delivered what MAC claims, I would be more than happy to pay this amount of money.
However, since it doesn't live up to the description at all, I find the price to be way too high for what you get.

Will I repurchase?

Hope this review helped those of you who were considering whether to buy this product or not.
If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.



  1. thank you for this - interesting ! Personally, I find that there is no better eye cream than Boots No7 Protect and perfect - in fact the whole range does exactly what it says. I wouldn't be without any of them.

  2. thanks for the tip, I shall check them out soon! :)

  3. thanks for the review, i was thinking about getting the moisturelush but not anymore!

  4. wow you are a TRUE mac lover girl! i wish i could keep up with all the collections like you. this product is a new one for me. i've never looked to go to MAC for skincare stuff before but this looks neat! xx

  5. hi Anita,
    This product is actually part of their permanent line. I didn't like it much, as you can tell from my review. But you can always check it out for yourself. What might not work for me, might work for others.


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