Friday, June 26, 2009

beauty and make up must haves from the UK? need some help!

My dear fellow beauty bloggers & readers, especially those of you who are in the UK - My bf is going to London with his family and he offered to bring back some stuff for me, since I won't be able to go with. :(
Now, in the past year there has been a hype about brands such as GOSH and the sleek palettes, that I can't get my hands on here. So, I'll definitely ask for those. Can the sleek palettes only be bought at superdrug or also at boots?

Do you know of any other must-have items, that he'd be able to get for me while in London?
Also, which GOSH products can you recommend? Which boots or superdrug in Central London has a big enough range for him to find the items I am looking for?

Many thanks ♥♥♥


  1. girl i know how you feel! i live in the US and ive been dying to get GOSH darling lipstick and Barry M lipsticks! i think you should definitely tell your bf to get those for ya :)

  2. Barry M is always a good bet. Gosh lipsticks especially 'Darling' a nice nude, their lipglosses are lovely, as are their lip jams, and also their eyeliners. Definitely check out their nail varnishes aswell - they are my fave! I think the sleek pallettes are only in Superdrug. Check out the super cheap line 2true - they have a posie tint copy which is as good as the real thing and only £2.99!

  3. You can only buy Gosh and Sleek in Superdrug. The sleek palletes are great and so cheap. Everyone raves about Gosh Darling lipstick but can be hard to get your hands on. Depends if you like a nude lip though. They have some lovely lip jams and eyeliners - liquid and pencil. You might like to try gosh liner pencil called bananas -its a yellow shimmery colour, nice on inner corners of the eye or waterline. Gosh also have nice nail polish and the velvet touch primer is also very nice and worth picking up.
    Also ask your boyf to look out for Barry M - you can buy in Boots and Superdrug - pick up some of the nail paints, they are fab. the 3 in 1 mascara is also fantastic and only £5.95. dazzle dusts are like mini pots of pigment so make sure he picks you up a few of these too. lip paints in 101, 147, 101, 136 - i recommend.
    Other brands you might want to look at are ME ME ME - available in Superdrug. They do lots of dupes of Benefit make up like benetint dupe .. i use a foundation by them, 'radiant minerals' i think it is called and its lovely for summer.
    Also, not sure if Rimmel is available to you but their blemish stick is a bit of a cult item, also nice nail polishes and some good lippies too.
    Ok thats me done lol, if i think of anything else i will let you know xx

  4. Thanks everyone for the great suggestions! :) I'll let you know what came back from his trip!

  5. it's all about finding the right kind of blue! :D thank you though!


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