Sunday, June 7, 2009

barry m and edm haul

Hi my dear followers and fellow bloggers.
Project Ten Pan was put on hold for these wonderful goodies.

First, I ordered an Everyday Minerals sample kit:
foundation samples:
Warm - Buttered Tan (matte)
Golden - Light (matte)
Olive - Golden Medium (semi matte)
blush sample:
Girl's Day (Loooove!!! beautiful deep coral shade with gold glitters)
concealer sample:
Peach Color Corrector (Perfect!! Neutralizes my dark circles like no other concealer I have ever used!)

All of the foundations I ordered seem way too light for my tan self. I am sure I will use them in winter.

And as you might remember I had a post a few weeks back, about Barry M shipping overseas! I couldn't hold myself back and I ended up placing a small order

I ordered two nail paints:

125 - a pale lilac with some pink in it
279 - a hot pink

I also ordered two dazzle dusts:
24 - Old Gold - a goldish green with silver glitter - beware fallout!!
89 - Oyster Grey - duo chrome grey with purple - smooth texture

and last but not least...(I was probably most excited about this one):
Natural Dazzle Compact Powder

As most have already said, this bronzer has a reddish undertone to it and hardly any glitter. I tried it out today as a contour shade and I have to say, I quite like it..

Hope you are all having a beautiful day


  1. I love Barry M, love the look you have created here. Drop by my blog sometime, you might like some of the stuff I have on there. x

  2. Thanks, hun. Will check out ur blog too! ♥


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