Wednesday, May 6, 2009

dark eyeshadow bases rock!

As you all know, using an eyeshadow base not only prevents the eyeshadow from creasing and fading, but will also enhance its colour.
As you may have seen from my EOTDs/FOTDs I like using a dark eyeshadow base, such as eyeliners, fluidlines and NYXs Jumbo pencils to deepen the look of the eyeshadow.
It'll give the eyeshadow a totally different effect, it will bring out certain undertones depending on the shadow and make it smoky.

You can pretty much grab any darker eyeliner, kohl, creme shadow and use it as a base! Do try this out if you haven't already. :)
Apply the product all over you lid and smooth it out with your clean finger or a brush. Then apply you favorite eyeshadow on top in a patting motion. Blend out the edges. And you're done.

Here's a picture :

I used Everyday Minerals lose eyeshadow in "in the Garden".
The first picture is with a plain skin tone coloured eyeshadow base by catrice.
The middle picture is with swatches on the nyx jumbo pencil in black bean and below the catrice eyeshadow base.
The last picture is with black bean as a base.

Ok, I obviously cheated on the last pic and used a black kohl on my lower lashline and applied more shadow on top of that for an even smokier look. :) But you get the idea!


  1. I have to get a darker e/s base. I love the e/s.

  2. yeah you can see a big differce between the two.

  3. I love this, totally hot. And great tip. But...I'm afraid smoky looks make me look like I got punched. Rofl.

  4. oh coool! I'm going to try this tomorrow for work, thanks for the tip :)


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