Friday, May 1, 2009

8 things

i haven't been tagged but who cares. i'll do this anyway

8 Things I look forward to

  • dinner tonite with my bf and his family
  • for my cold to go away
  • my friend coming for a visit from istanbul
  • making music again
  • payday
  • buying an uber cute bag/the cool shawl and funky shades i saw the other day
  • spending some good ol' quality time with my bf
  • figuring out what the hell i wanna do with my life

8 Things I did yesterday

  • worked
  • got a ride home
  • watched lost
  • read a little in the tibetan book of living and dying
  • chilled
  • ate middle eastern rice that my hunny prepared - uh-may-zin :)
  • wasted time on youtube
  • made the bed - hurray lol

8 Things I wish I could do

  • travel the world
  • go back to uni
  • treat myself to whatever i want no matter how much it costs
  • treat people i care about
  • visit my family
  • record an album
  • have a great and interesting and well paying job
  • accept and love myself for who i am - enough with being so hard on ourselves gals

8 Shows I watch

  • lost
  • gossip girl
  • sex and the city
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • youtube

I tag everyone who hasn't done this yes


  1. Aww Maya - you were tagged!

    YAY! xxxx

  2. aww, i was tagged!!!! thx :) ♥


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