Friday, September 28, 2012

New In | Catrice Fabulous 40ies

Ever since I moved back to Europe, I have been enjoying local drugstore brands a lot. They have a great selection of products and come out with some really nice collections as well. And the best part? The price tag.

Catrice is definetely my favourite european drugstore brand and I very much enjoy using their products. As far as availability, you can also get their products in the UK & Ireland and other european countries. I have also heard, that they are available in select stores in the US and Canada.

Catrice's latest collection is the Hollywood Fabulous 40ties collection. It's a collection with lots of purple, taupe and dusty rose and includes eyeshadow quads, lipsticks, blush, nail polish, highlighter pen, brow gel and a clear lip gloss. The colours are perfect for the fall and wearable for daytime and night time! I have also been pleasantly surprised by the quality of these products and would recommend checking them out in person.

The quad Hollywood Boulevard is definitely my favourite out of the two. The shadows are well pigmented and the colours have been combined nicely. The blush Gone with the wind is nicely pigmented as well and not chalky. The lipstick Marlene's Favourite is a gorgeous warm dusty rose with a semi-matte non-drying finish. And look at the cute packaging!

Have you checked out the new Catrice collection?

C01 She's a lady, C02 Hollywood Boulevard, C01 Gone with the wind

C01 Gone with the wind

C03 Marlene's Favourite


  1. Love the colours! xx

    1. Yes, very wearable and fall/winter appropriate. xx

  2. i like these pink shades :D the blush looks like the perfect color ^_^ very cute

    Joyce @

    1. Thanks. The blush is gorgeous if you can find it, I'd totally recommend it.

  3. likeee your blog,
    keep up the good work!!



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