Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mini Nars Haul

Hello everyone!
So I gave in and ordered a couple of Nars products including the popular Sheer Glow foundation and a blush in Madly.

I ordered the items from www.hqhair.com and am happy to report that their shipping is amazing! It took 10 days for the items to ship from the UK to the Middle East. I am sold and will be repurchasing from them!

On to the products:

I ordered the Sheer Glow in Fiji after doing extensive research and Saadeh's recommendation. (Please check out her blog if you aren't a follower already: http://shadowylady.blogspot.com/)

I have been using the foundation for a few days now and will be doing a separate review post after I have had more of a chance to really use it.

I also got Madly after hearing great reviews from youtube gurus Laura (lollipop26) and Tiffany (Makeupbytiffanyd). It's a neutral peachy brown shade with a slight pinkish undertone and silver flecks in it. It's a pretty neutral and safe colour but can look a little muddy if overdone.



  1. Maya, I hope the foundation matched you correctly. Nars is such an expensive addiction. I started with blushes and now I can't stop getting more eyeshadow duos and lipsticks :/

  2. Madly blush looks so so pretty! I adore Nars!

  3. Im having a Lush giveaway for all my fellow beauty lovers! nsiscaretti.blogspot.com or youtube.com/user/nsiscaretti. Have a great weekend!

  4. Thanks so much for being so kind as to folloe my blog!XX


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